Dancers are grouped based on their age by December 31st and their year of birth. Previous dance experience is not required (unless indicated otherwise), just the desire to learn Ukrainian dance!

All dancers perform at Chaban's annual concert in the spring and at Folklore Festival in May. Other local performances might include performing at Senior Homes, weddings, anniversaries or conferences. Dancers may also compete in Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts along with other local or out of town competitions if they wish to participate.

To align with Ontario Health (OH) and Thunder Bay District Health Unit (TBDHU) Guidelines and keep our dancers, teachers and families safe in the upcoming 2020-21 dance season, Chaban is implementing the following procedures and processes for in-person classes. Please note that these guidelines may change as per OH / TBDHU announcements/updates and will be communicated to families in advance:


*Dancers are to pre-screen at home with the OH & TBDHU guidelines for screening (these are changing). Dancers are not to attend class if they do not pass screening. Please contact the dancer's head instructor to make them aware of an absence from class.


*Class times and class groupings will be drafted but decided after registration, to ensure reasonable class size and the ability to allow for suitable distancing between students.


*Dancers and families entering the hall will be directed to the basement. At the basement entrance (at the bottom of the stairs), there will be a table with hand sanitizer and a sign-in (for contact tracing) for all entering the hall to complete each visit. Possibly one of the teachers will be attending this table, spraying hands and ensuring masks are worn.


*Masks will be required at all times in the basement, and at this time during rehearsals by dancers and instructors. As per TBDHU guidelines, exemption is children under age 2; also children under age 5 & under who refuse and cannot be persuaded to do so.


*OH and TBDHU signage will be posted on the doors & bulletin boards for information on masks, physical distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizing, etc.


*Tables in the basement (common area) and basement change room will be arranged with more than 2 m between to hold personal belongings / coats / outdoor footwear during class. Dancers will be asked to leave all personal belongings, including personal devices and water bottles, in their bags with outer wear on their designated table in the basement. Families are asked to group their items together.


*Dancers are asked to come to the hall dressed in their rehearsal clothes to reduce the amount of personal belongings in the basement. Valuables are to be left at home.


*Personal devices will not be permitted upstairs. Families will be asked to add the hall phone number (623-1621) to their phone in case you need to reach your child(ren) at the hall. We would ask parents to call this number only in case of emergency.


*Dancers and families are asked to not remain at the hall when they are not dancing. Families that must stay between and during classes (e.g, waiting for dancers in back-to-back groups) are asked to remain in their own family bubble and at their own table. Children are not to be left unattended, unsupervised.


*The back stairs will be used by teachers and dancers. The front stairs into the rehearsal hall will be off limits to avoid crowding at the front door.


*Teachers are to allow dancers to enter upstairs and leave one at a time with 2 m between.


*Dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands at the start of class and if there is any apparent reason to sanitize again (nose-blowing, etc). Teachers will support young ones in doing this.


*The rehearsal hall floor will be measured and marked* with taped "X’s" placed 2-3 m apart (OH asks for 2, but if space allows in the hall, we will use 3m). This will allow for the maximum number of participants (per class) as per current spacing guidelines.


*Ballet barres will be marked for dancer placement at intervals of 2 m or more distance. Where there are not enough, chairs may be used.


*Parents of young children who need to watch until their child adjusts, will be asked to stay 2 m apart in the main rehearsal hall along the clock wall as per physical distancing markers.


*After each class, time will be allotted for teacher to sanitize barres, music equipment, door pushes and railing (we will be timing this to establish appropriate intervals).


*Supplies will include hand sanitizer upstairs and basement, and surface cleaner upstairs. Basement cleaning will be done with regular cleaning supplies. Disposable masks will be available for anyone who forgets their mask.


*Common areas such as coat check and washrooms will be cleaned at least once on Sundays.


*We will no longer have a perfect attendance award.


*No more than 50 people can be indoors at one time (as per provincial restrictions on gathering limits per entire facility).